Scot Lefavor is a full-time freelance graphic designer and artist in Denver, CO.

Scot Lefavor hails from the southern shores of Boston, MA. Lefavor studied graphic design and printmaking at the Hartford Art School under influential design professors Mark Snyder and Nancy Wynn and printmaking professors Fred Wessel and John Willis.  He moved to Colorado in 2001 to pursue his artistic endeavors (well not really, he just wanted to snowboard a lot).  Scot quickly became a part of the emerging Boulder art scene and soon co-owned and operated the late great Gallery Sovereign from 2002-2004.

Scot began his career in the arts as a freelance graphic and website designer.  Upon the close of Gallery Sovereign, Scot began to aggressively tackle his current and ever-morphing style of painting and printmaking.  Lefavor’s works are multimedia in nature utilizing acrylic paint, spray paint, screen-printing, gel transferring, and enamel.

Lefavor’s style is strongly rooted in traditional sign painting and typography.  He is heavily influenced by contemporary street art and the pop art movement of the 60’s. Scot’s work tends to be highly narrative and emotionally charged.  He draws directly from his personal experiences and current socio-economic trends and events to create his narratives.

Scot plays a significant role in both the Denver and Boulder art communities, two separate entities slowing morphing into one. As an artist and active member of the art community, Scot goes to great lengths to promote and help develop both the contemporary art scene as a whole as his artisan peers who actively influence it.

Scot is currently a freelance graphic designer and full time artist in Denver, CO.  Scot also serves as the curator for JoyEngine (Cypher 13’s in-house art boutique) and as one of their contributing bloggers.  He is actively seeking shows for the future in cities across the United States.